Mountainiax is a new belief of an exploration-based adventure company in India where you can book private, group, and tailor-made multi-day organized adventures.

Our goal is to encourage sustainable tourism in offbeat destinations of the Himalayas. We want more people to get out of the main trekking hubs & experience themselves and the planet on a new more meaningful level. We, Mountainiax promote tourism in places that are still out of packed travellers and provide employment in such localities by prompting village tours and treks around the place.

Our team leaders are experts in exploring the unmapped region and creating an experience in solitude for our client’s. We specialize in organizing activities that includes trekking, Expeditions, Rock Climbing, Himalayan Village Tours, and Homestays. For Mountainiax, our trekkers are the centre of everything we do. Thus with every trip, we ensure working tirelessly to meet and outstrip your expectation in an enjoyable and responsible way.

What makes us different?

Founder's message

In this era where all big trekking companies are expanding their business by carrying large groups and tricking the tourist with discount variants. Mountainiax is formed up to break the misconception of big group departures and create an uprising in the field of trekking with small group size and customized trips.

Why Choose Us?

Safety Comes First

If you book your trek with us you’ll be going with a team of our highly skilled professional trainers who work towards making your trek a comfortable and a safe one, be it pertaining to health issues or unconditional emergencies as every staff member has a personal first aid kit and are also trained in first aid operations.

Professional Staff Members

We hire proficient trek leaders who are course certified and have rich local knowledge, which will enhance your experience, with unusual emotion. Local guides are also authorized who have a good experience over the years of the outdoors and the provincial environment. Skilled cooks are employed who has a piece of good knowledge about diet quality served in high altitude areas. Good health is a necessity in the mountains hence fresh and hygienic food is cooked by the kitchen staff.

High Quality Equipment

We use four season high quality tents of Vango, Quechua, Alps mountaineering and A-shaped tents that are highly reliable and hold sturdy under the extreme wind, rain, and snow conditions. The tents are tested under harsh and intense climatic, considering safety as a priority. Sleeping bags of finest quality are used during the trek to ensure your comfort in the cold and chilly season in the high altitude areas. Hygiene is our utmost priority, clean sleeping bags are provided and also laundered after every trip.

Eco Footprints with Small Group Size

Get a comfortable trekking experience with a small group of 15 people and connect better with the nature along your way. Our team does not encourage fixed camping as it spoils the phenomenal beauty of the region and harms the raw charm of the meadows. Eco friendly methods are followed in pitching toilet tents and in the disposal of wet garbage. Our team is instructed about the cycle of waste management and this attempt is to make a negligible impact on the environment.

Unexplored Trails and Unmapped Regions

The mission of our committee is to explore the unmapped hidden trails in different regions and make our customers visit these offbeat destinations to enjoy in solitude. We specialize in executing trips to such untouched and unspoiled beauty of Garwhal and Kumaon Himalaya. Our fundamental aim is to enter habitats that still reside away from packed visitors and contribute to livelihood for these regions. comfortable and a safe one, be it pertaining to health issues or unconditional emergencies as every staff member has a personal first aid kit and are also trained in first aid operations.

Customized Packages

Are you exhausted with the same old trekking packages? Mountainiax offers comfort for travelers to design and arrange your plans independently. Our travel consultant is available to assist you and prepare a travel package preferred as per your itinerary, travel dates, and other amenities. For a tremendous trip experience, you can rely on our experts to prepare a handcrafted itinerary for you. Customized tours include Family trips, School trips, Solo trips, female trips and so required as per your request

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